Handlebar Volunteers Needed – Training September 6, 4PM @ CSE

The Handlebar, Dickinson’s Bicycle Cooperative, is seeking enthusiastic student, staff, and faculty volunteers to help run the shop and improve the Biking@Dickinson programs. Handlebar Volunteer Training Date: Wednesday, September 6th Time: 4-6PM Location: Center for Sustainability Education, Kaufman Hall 190 Any questions, please contact: biking@dickinson.edu Marcus Welker at welkerm@dickinson.edu

Fall 2016 Bike to Farm Potluck

A touch of fall has begun creeping onto campus over the past few days. In stark contrast to the oppressive summer heat, everyone has been enjoying cool, crisp evenings and lovely gusting winds blowing through the trees on the academic quad. As a few stray leaves begin dotting Dwalk, it is hard to focus in class as your mind wanders off, dreaming of pedaling down the open road. For bicyclists, there is no better time of year to be out on your bike, counting the miles and breathing in the fresh air. Here at Dickinson, Fall also means the biannual Bike to Farm Continue reading →

Bike to the Farm Potluck Spring 2016

Unless every class you’re in assigned a midterm, paper, and presentation this week, chances are you’ve been outside and felt the unseasonably warm weather. Britton plazza is full of students eating their lunches, Morgan field is a hub of frisbee throwing, and all across campus bikes are zipping by. Spring in Carlisle is one of the best times to be a biker and this semester is proving that. A highlight of every biker’s semester is the Bike to the Farm Potluck ride (B2F). This year B2F Continue reading →

The Handlebar Gives Back

The Handlebar is an important part of the Dickinson community. Faculty, staff, and students are all welcome and encouraged to come by fix their bikes, build new bikes, share stories, and learn about everything biking. The Handlebar has become an integral part of the Dickinson experience and the work being done is appreciated wholly, however the benefits of having a bike co-op do not always extend past Dickinson’s limestone walls. Since its inception, The Handlebar has maintained a relationship with Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg. This amazing institution Continue reading →

Thanksgiving Bike Rides

                Thanksgiving is a time for stressed college students to return home, stuff their faces, do their laundry, and hug their dogs. It also marks a turning point before the snow begins to fall and down jackets are required for a walk to the mailbox. An iconic Thanksgiving event are Turkey Trots, short road races meant to bring together family and the community. However there are also plenty of Thanksgiving day bike rides, which can be a great Continue reading →