The Handlebar Gives Back

The Handlebar is an important part of the Dickinson community. Faculty, staff, and students are all welcome and encouraged┬áto come by fix their bikes, build new bikes, share stories, and learn about everything biking. The Handlebar has become an integral part of the Dickinson experience and the work being done is appreciated wholly, however the benefits of having a bike co-op do not always extend past Dickinson’s limestone walls. Since its inception, The Handlebar has maintained a relationship with Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg. This amazing institution Continue reading →

Thanksgiving Bike Rides

                Thanksgiving is a time for stressed college students to return home, stuff their faces, do their laundry, and hug their dogs. It also marks a turning point before the snow begins to fall and down jackets are required for a walk to the mailbox. An iconic Thanksgiving event are Turkey Trots, short road races meant to bring together family and the community. However there are also plenty of Thanksgiving day bike rides, which can be a great Continue reading →

Why do you bike?

Biking Narratives: The Schwartz Interview Sitting down and interviewing a stranger can be an extremely nerve wracking experience. What if my questions stink? What if they give me one word answers? Should I have dressed better? Luckily this was not the case. I would be interviewing one of my closest friends on the shared passion that made us become friends. Freshman year, I brought my bike to Dickinson seeing it merely as an easy way to get to Frisbee practices. Within a month however I Continue reading →

The Handlebar Open Hours!

  The Handlebar wants to help you prepare your bike for the winter season. Shop hours are in full swing! Come by the Handlebar and give your bicycle some tender love and care. Located in the basement of Davidson-Wilson (DaWi) adjacent to Dickinson Walk. We welcome students, faculty, staff, and children of the Dickinson college community. Swing by and learn how to tune your bike today! If the sign is out, we are open. The Handlebar Hours: Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 4 – 6 Continue reading →