Bike Safety Campaign

April 24 – May 5, 2017

May is Bike Month! #dsonbiking #bikemonth

Join Dickinson’s Bicycle Advisory Committee and the Handlebar Bike Co-op as we celebrate National Bike month with events leading up to and throughout May. See below for events and programs where you can WIN PRIZES and join in the fun! Throughout the week, practice good biking skills to be entered in a raffle!

Activities include:

  • Wearing your helmet
  • Properly locking your bike
  • Stopping at stop signs
  • Getting your bike tuned up at the Handlebar
  • Using bike lights when riding after dark
  • Going on a group bike ride



Schedule of Events:

April 21    Energy Challenge Finale (7-9pm on Morgan Field)

April 22    Ride to the Farm for Earth Day/Art on the Farm (12:30pm @ the Treehouse)

April 24    Bike Safety Campaign Kickoff (11am-1pm on Britton) / Register your Bike on Britton Plaza

April 26    Bike Ride! (leaving the Handlebar @ 5pm)

May 1-5     Bike Donation Drive (all day @ CSE)

May 1         Learn to Ride a Bike (4-6pm @ the Handlebar)

May 3         Bike Ride! (leaving the Handlebar @ 5pm)

May 4         Classroom Session: Rules of the Road (12-1pm @ HUB Sideroom 202)

May 5         Practice your Riding skills (3pm @ the Handlebar)

May 5         Last Chance: Green Bike Check-in and Summer Bike Storage (10am-4:30pm @ CSE)