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Why I Ride

On July 5th, my dad and I rolled back into our driveway, covered in sweat, grime, spit, and sunburn. In three hours, we had covered 40.2 miles of Pittsburgh hills, climbing a total of 3,105 feet. After hobbling into the house, we plopped down in the kitchen, and ate whatever we could get our hands on – cold steak, berry smoothies, broccoli, mashed potatoes, chicken legs – without a care for utensils or plates. My mom walked into the room, surveyed the scene, and only Continue reading →

Biking @ Dickinson Transformed

It seems like just yesterday that I walked into my first club meetings as a nervous, yet excited first year student. At one meeting, I, along with another student (who has since become my best friend, thank you Biking @ Dickinson), volunteered to audit bike rack placement and use on campus.  Our task was simple, or so we thought.  It was twofold: We were to walk around campus with a GPS and mark every location where we though a bike rack ought to be installed Continue reading →

Biking “superhighways”

  Picture these images: 11 miles of graceful, winding highway, uninterrupted by traffic jams or lengthy red lights; foot rests along the street for your tired heels; solar-powered lights above a smooth forest pathway… We at Dickinson may find this alternative utopia difficult to picture— and that’s probably because we’ve never seen it before. Here in the U.S., highways are meant for cars and trucks. Non-renewable energy cannot be found in the middle of a forest, and there is no such thing (ask anyone) as Continue reading →

Biking at Dickinson Publication

The Center of Sustainability Education (CSE) is now offering a print resource for Dickinson bikers, with common routes, Rules of the Road, and some good reasons for why biking is a great alternative to driving. Find directions to the Dickinson Organic Farm, names of local shops and businesses, and maps to guide your trip. If you’d like a copy for yourself, find a print version of “Biking at Dickinson” in the Handlebar, by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) dispatch window, or in Kaufman 190, Continue reading →