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Dickinson Cycling Apparel is Here!!!

Do you have the urge to show your Dickinson pride wherever you ride? Do you feel a longing to adorn yourself with Dickinson Red Devils? Do you believe the claims that wearing red makes people better at sports? Do you need to own YET ANOTHER biking kit? Or do you need to purchase your first? If you said yes to any of these, then I have exciting news for you! Biking @ Dickinson, along with the Dickinson Bookstore, are accepting orders for Dickinson College biking Continue reading →

Bicycle of former Handlebar Shop Manager Avery McGuire ’13 attacked by Danish thugs!

The Ghost Rider strikes again! The Guest Blogger this week sets out to unravel the truth in a violent act of bike mangling! ———————————————————————————————————————————————– Just what on earth happened here?  Clearly thieves used a hacksaw and later a bolt cutter on the seat tube and stays.  They didn’t want the saddle……  Was there a gold nugget stuck in the bike’s seat tube?  A hidden stash of blood diamonds?  What do they need that piece of seat tube for – rolling Danish pastries?  If you figure Continue reading →

Winter Bike Storage

My bike’s name is Penelope, and one of her greatest fears is snow. She trembles at the thought of her frame corroding from the street salt, her chain seizing up due to rust, and her brake and derailleur cables freezing. She’s a fair-weather bike, so this winter I’ll be making sure she’s safe and sound indoors. If you have a bike that is afraid of the snow, make sure to bring it by the Center for Sustainability Education (Kaufman 190) so that it can be Continue reading →

Green Biker Profile – Glen Peterman

You may have noticed that there are an extraordinary amount of Green Bikes around campus – we currently have 54 working bikes! Starting this week, we will be profiling some of the Green Bike riders. This first profile is by Glen Peterman, the Handlebar Adviser, who built the first Green Bike. —————————————————————————————————————————————— Name: Glen Peterman Staff: Director of Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance; Handlebar Adviser I loved biking the instant my dad took off the training wheels, pushed me down our sloped driveway and yelled, Continue reading →

Smoothies on Britton Plaza (Guest Post)

This week we have a guest blogger by “The Ghost Rider,” who writes about Smoothies on Britton Plaza (aka S.O.B.P.) – enjoy! ——————————————————————————————————————————————– Once again, the Green Devil  got wildly out of control at the recent Campus Sustainability Day on Friday, October 25. Tyce Herrman, our Projects Coordinator, was selling berry smoothies and wouldn’t you know it, the Green Devil appropriated our Handlebar-built bike blenders for his goofy fun!  Fortunately that green cape didn’t get caught in the wheels.  And the smoothies?  Mmm, mmm – Continue reading →

Weekend Activities

This weekend was especially exciting for cyclists and bike enthusiasts. Friday was Campus Sustainability Day on Britton Plaza. Both the Bike Blenders and the Handlebar could be seen making smoothies and performing bike tuneups. The chilly October weather couldn’t deter students from churning out delicious bike blender smoothies. Even the Green Devil got in on the smoothie-making! The Handlebar fixed a couple bikes and spread the word about what we do and what our hours are in the shop. Four of our volunteers showed up Continue reading →