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Bike Blenders

Last spring, a group of students decided that they wanted to build something new and exciting in the Handlebar. Different ideas were tossed around, but we eventually settled on building a bike blender. What is a bike blender, you ask? It’s just what you would expect – a blender that works by pedaling a bike. In our case, we have two of these blenders: a mountain bike that was originally going to be a Green Bike and a stationary bike that was donated to the Continue reading →

Handlebar Volunteer Training Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fix bikes?Are you interested in becoming a Handlebar volunteer? Do you like singing, dancing, and generally having fun? Then you should attend the Handlebar Volunteer Training Workshop! Everyone is welcome to attend this workshop, no matter what your prior bike experience is. You will learn basic bicycle repair skills, the inner workings of the Handlebar, how to open and close the shop and what it means to be a Handlebar volunteer. DATE: Sunday, September 22nd TIME: 1-3pm Continue reading →

Safety is Sexy

“Safety is Sexy” may be the official motto of the CSE office. We say it as we strap a helmet to our head, put reflective and brightly-colored bike clothing on, and follow the rules of the road. So here are a few myths and facts about bike safety.   Myth: Bike helmets look lame. Fact: Don’t say that bike helmets look lame when you can buy gorgeously feminine helmets like these, retro helmets like these, helmets that look like hats, ones that light up for Continue reading →

Why I Ride

On July 5th, my dad and I rolled back into our driveway, covered in sweat, grime, spit, and sunburn. In three hours, we had covered 40.2 miles of Pittsburgh hills, climbing a total of 3,105 feet. After hobbling into the house, we plopped down in the kitchen, and ate whatever we could get our hands on – cold steak, berry smoothies, broccoli, mashed potatoes, chicken legs – without a care for utensils or plates. My mom walked into the room, surveyed the scene, and only Continue reading →

Biking @ Dickinson Transformed

It seems like just yesterday that I walked into my first club meetings as a nervous, yet excited first year student. At one meeting, I, along with another student (who has since become my best friend, thank you Biking @ Dickinson), volunteered to audit bike rack placement and use on campus.  Our task was simple, or so we thought.  It was twofold: We were to walk around campus with a GPS and mark every location where we though a bike rack ought to be installed Continue reading →

D’son Alum works with Philadelphia Charity

Dickinson alumni are engaging the world…sustainably! Jim Wiley ’83, founder of the Wiley Group, works closely with Philadelphia’s Neighborhood Bike Works program to help youth overcome financial obstacles to biking. The organization’s “Earn a Bike” program operates on the same philosophy as the Handlebar, empowering riders to develop useful skills through hands-on practice. Earn a Bike participators also build whenever possible from used parts that might otherwise head to the landfill. While learning to make repairs, the youth (ages 12 to 18) find friendship and Continue reading →