March 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

How many likes can the Dickinson Dog House get?

Challenged by the Director of Dog House, Lauren Holtz ’15, the Dickinson Dog House is trying to get 700+ likes on the Facebook page! The prize for success? Hopefully some lovely baked goods.

The original challenge was to get 615 likes, but when that number was reached within a few hours and subsequently doubled, the ante was upped.

Currently, the Dog House has 653 likes- only 47 to go until we reach our goal!

So, readers, have you liked the Dickinson Dog House page on Facebook? If you haven’t, do so right now! If you have, tell your friends to like us as well!

You’ll learn about Dog House, see our event updates, and have cute pictures of puppies on your News Feed.

Like us at (without the spaces): facebook. com/ dickinsondoghouse