My friend Albert


September 12th was a momentous occasion as i met Albert for the first time! coming in at about 60 ft with his long trunk that stretches far as the eye can see and his branches that sway and flop down to protect and shade all those who reside under it. Albert is a Kentucky Coffee tree. Kentucky coffee trees are most native to the Midwest  and their seeds that are produced can be substituted for coffee beans hence the name Kentucky coffee tree. Albert trunk is about 3ft in diameter and they live up to 150 years of age. When you look at his bark you can tell it is a rich dark brown. the surface is scaly but has a good finishing creating his great look. As i got to know more Albert  i can tell that he loved to be around people. When you look up to him you know that he will always be there with open arms to great you with his branches that flop down so low that you can touch them. Albert has such a calming nature and when you sit under him you know he is there to listen.

me and albertAccording to Marx Scott, the Dickinson College Arborist Albert is a male in which most Kentucky coffee trees are. Albert got his name after a camper i had this summer at my job. He was tall and and very accepting of everyone who he came in contact with with and when you meet Albert that is the exact vibe you get from him. Albert is currently located in the back of East College. Unfortunately, Albert does not get many frequent visitors because of where he is located;but he loves the company of all people. If you have a free moment and just want a shady spot to lay go say hi to Albert, you will not regret it.


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