Familial History

We met on a sunny day, quite different than today’s gray gloom. I had heard rumblings that Bill had quite the impressive family. His Great-Great-Great-Grandfather, was actually the hull of the USS Constitution in 1797 and

Another rainy day in Cardrizzle

Another rainy day in Cardrizzle

had explored the waters across the North Eastern United States. His aunt was an esteemed doctor who was notorious for relieving diarrhea (cool…), shrinking varicose veins, and curing colds. His cousins are a bit snobby though, and think they are better than the rest of the family just because they create the barrels used in whiskey and bourbon production (don’t tell Bill this but I hear that they make some fine spirits!).




Bill stands at 16 feet tall, and his slender build clocks him in at 3.5 inches in diameter.


I also learned a fun fact about Bill today. His birth name, Quercus Alba, means “fine tree”. And a fine tree he is 😉


For Now,




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