Journal Entry 1


Today, my friend, and also the Dickinson College Arborist, Mark Scott, told me that he was going set me up on a date. This would be my first date in just over a year and my first blind date EVER.

Our first photo <3

Our first photo <3

He was setting me up with his mutual friend, Bill whom he described as young, appropriately taller than myself, on the slimmer side, and with the greenest leaves you have ever seen. Clearly I was excited. I picked out a cool outfit – white shorts and a Cavs tee (in case the conversation was dull and we could talk about Lebron – EVERYONE loves Lebron).

I knew, from the very first second that he was the one. His thin, yet strong trunk held him firmly in the soil beneath. His leaves, the deepest of green, complemented my eyes, and the way his branches rustled in the wind reminded me of my childhood.  

Pondering Life.

Pondering Life.

Although he wasn’t strong enough to support me yet, I knew that with time he would grow, as our relationship also grows. Getting to know Bill was fun, and we swapped stories all night. Bill is originally from Albany, New York, which is right across the lake from me. He’s actually quite the accomplished guy, has his PhD, was the president of a small liberal arts college, etc. I’m so excited to get to know him better. He asked me to plan the next date…I’m thinking a fall picnic – but we will see.


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