What I’ve Seen in my 20 Years

As of 2015, my tree (whose name is Edgar which I forgot to mention in my first post) is 20 years old. Only one year younger than me! This means that my tree was either planted at the end of 1994 or in 1995. Edgar and I have witnessed the same major world events that have defined my childhood and overall post 9/11 generation. A lot has changed on the Dickinson College campus in 20 years. Generations of students and professors have come and gone. Landscapes has changed and new buildings have been built or renovated. He has witnessed many convocation and graduation ceremonies. Edgar has posed proudly for many prospective students as they get tours of our beautiful campus. Many students have decided to sit under his shade in a red adirondack chair to read, chat or do homework.

Not only has my swamp white oak witnessed major events in the Dickinson community, he has also experienced major national and world events that have left permanent marks on history. Edgar was just in his infancy when the Oklahoma City bombing killed 168 people in 1995. He was extremely shaken up by the event. He overheard a lot of gossip on the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1998. Even though Edgar was pretty young at the time, he could not believe our President would do such a thing and than lie about it to the entire country!

Edgar really wanted to vote in the 2000 Presidential election but he was unfortunately too young. He was shocked by the closeness of the election.

September 11th 2001 was by far one of the scariest days in Edgar’s life. He remembers seeing students and professors crying as they walked on the academic quad. Life was truly never the same after that day.

Edgar has enjoyed getting to people watch a lot during passing time in between classes. He has gotten to know so many people over the course of his 20 years and is very excited for another 20 years at Dickinson.

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