A Little Nugget Tree

friends forever

friends forever

I’m excited to say that this past week I made a new friend:  Kylander the Amur Corktree.  Standing at approximately 10 feet tall, Kylander is a quite a bit taller than I am, however compared to other Amur Corktrees, he is just a nugget:  a fully grown Amur Corktree can grow up to 45 feet tall.  He gets his family name from his cork-like bark; a trait which is more common in larger trees of his kind.  While one day he will be able to live up to his name, right now I can easily wrap two hands around his trunk.

Although Kylander is just a young tree however, he probably makes more friends than older trees since he is located right next to Dickinson’s admissions building, where dozens of potential students pass every day.  Events and dinners are also held in the field to the left of him, so no matter where he turns, Kylander can find friends.  Who knows how many current students met Kylander as they visited Dickinson for the first time?  After meeting him for the first time, I quickly realized that I have passed him many times without saying hello or even noticing him before; whether it be while taking a shortcut back to my dorm freshman year or giving a tour of campus to my pre-orientation group this past summer.  I’m looking forward to creating new memories with him as our friendship develops this semester.  Maybe in a few years, I’ll be able to sit in the shade when his branches grow–even a tree can’t stay a little nugget forever!

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