History of Him


About 10 years ago, a beautiful thing occurred. It was sunny day in Carlisle PA, during the month of August; the leaves on all the trees were nice and bright. Dickinson College Campus looked very gorgeous at the time especially Morgan field, but it was about to get a lot more beautiful. He was about 5 feet tall when planted, merely a child at the time with no friends or family. He began to make new friends when the new class of 2005 arrived on Dickinson campus, not only with the students but with the animals as well. He often spent time with some friends that happened to be squirrels; he was too small at the time for the animals to use him as shelter. He enjoyed the company of whoever wanted to spend time with him and grew fairly quickly as a tree, friend and shelter. He was happy to be located where he was because he found the students who lived in Adams hall and Drayer were nicer than the kids who lived in the lower quads.


I am only 10 years older than him, but he his very mature, he has seen a lot over the past 10 years. From new freshmen each year to people just enjoying the sun on the red Adirondack chairs he has always had some company. Thankfully he was not alive during the horrible day known as 9/11, even if he was he would of not understood because of his young age. It would of been tough for such a young tree to cope with something as drastic as that. One day that he will always remember is hurricane sandy back in 2012, we can actually relate because I was a freshmen at the time. He was very scared at the time of the storm, he saw things that no other tree should have to see. Fellow trees of his had arms and limbs being broken off due to the high winds and rain. He was only 7 years old at the time, that’s a lot to handle at that age, but it seems it’s only made him stronger throughout the years and more mature.


The day I met him was a great day in my life, I actually had to win a RPS (rocks, paper, scissors) to claim him as my tree for the semester. As soon as I saw his elegant long leaves I knew we would be great friends, he stood with poise and beauty in the most relaxing place on campus where I like to spend most of my time.

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