the happy life of Albert

The day i met Albert was the one of the best days of my life! It all started on September 12th 2015 and although i have only know him for a couple of weeks it has already seem like  i have known him for a lifetime.  Albert is an old sole who when you come into contact with he acts like he has known you for a long time. Albert tall, strong stature and the way his leaves and branches flops down to protect you resembles my grandpa and he was a strong influence in my life and was always there watching over me.


Albert, who is now about 40 has lived a great life. As a child, Albert was the youngest of two older sister; which is why i think we get along as i am the youngest as well. He and his family grew up in Kentucky. As he got older, he was always the tallest in his classes, because of this it got him interested in basketball. Eventually, Albert got a full ride to play basketball for the University of Kentucky which was always was his dream. while at college, he decided that he was interested in Biochem so he decided that he was going to major in this. During his time at college Albert was really interested in everything and anything which so times can be seen as a bad thing as he was constantly on the move and had no time to rest. One day, Albert was going into lab and because he was so tired he was really paying attention because of this it made him not see what chemicals he was mixing and caused an explosion. This unfortunately resulted in him blow out his knee creating a hole in his trunk making it so he couldn’t play basketball anymore. Although this was tough for Albert and first it made him stronger than ever.

Now, Albert currently resides in Carlisle on Dickinson’s campus right behind East College. Although Albert is not in the middle of the quads where everyone can see him he is still there and loves to listen and protect you from all the bad things you are going through. So if you ever need a place to lay your head or just someone to listen go talk to Albert he is always there to listen with no judgment

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