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When I think of trees, I think of a plant that allows humans to breathe fresh air. Without trees we wouldn’t beer here. Trees supply fruits and change during seasons. They are green during the Summer, bright orange yellow and red during Autumn, white with snow during the Winter and blooming during the Spring. Trees are something pretty to look at when you are day dreaming in class and sitting under while reading a book. Trees are used to build shelter for us to live in. They also allow us to write endless notes for a final test. In many ways, we take advantage of trees. Worldwide, people need to start appreciating what they do for us. In the book, “The Giving Tree” we see this in many ways. As the boy was young, we made a crown with the tree’s leaves, climbed her trunk, swung from her branches, ate apples under the tree and then fell asleep in her shade. But as he got older he took advantage of her. She gave him apples to sell so he could have money. The boy took her branches to build a house. Then her trunk that he used to climb to build a boat. When he was an old man, and came back to the tree, she says “I have nothing to give you.” He took advantage of her and did not realize that he harmed her. Even when she had nothing, she gave him a place to sit and rest. We see a similar idea in “The Lorax”. The main difference was that not only did he destroy the trees for his own pleasure, but he ruins lives for the animals that lives there. He destroyed their habitat and did not realize when he had done until they were all gone. When he saw the smog in the air, the dirty water, and the sound as the last Truffula tree was chopped down. Nature will be peoples home forever unless we stay on the same path we are on. We need to be more sustainable as a whole. We are the Once-ler and we need to make sure we don’t destroy  our environment  and find ourselves in the environment at the end of “The Lorax” and “The Giving Tree.

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