Two Worlds Collide

My tree, as with most of our trees, is located in an area where the natural world and the modern world collide. The landscape of the setting is done in such a way as to make it seem as natural and beautiful as possible. However, this swamp white oak is not located in a pristine forest where it comes into almost not contact with the modern world. The academic quad, where the swamp white oak is located, is actually surrounded by the sounds of the modern world.

The sounds of both the natural and the modern world were present while I sat under my tree. The scratching of squirrel claws against the bark of the tree was one of the most overwhelming natural sounds. Sometimes it was drowned out by the screeching of a large truck making its way down high street leaving a big black cloud of smoke in its tracks.

It was a windy, cloudy October day. The wind whipped through the soon to be colorful leaves. Students making their way to the HUB for lunch talked with friends. Overall, the sounds I heard were more hustle bustle than natural. Unfortunately, the sounds of cars, trucks and motorcycles drowned out the sounds of nature. Depending on the time of day (I was observing around 11:45 am), the sounds of nature and the sounds of the modern world become more prominent. I think the best time to really hear nature is at night, when the rest of the modern world is asleep.

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