History of Ash

The grand white ash, otherwise known as Ash Ketchum looms over Morgan Hall spilling his wisdom with every leaf that blows off of his branches. At approximately 100 years of age he still stands tall observing the days as they pass by him. He shows signs of age and wear with his rough bark and concentric rings inside of his trunk but his sturdiness does not dwindle. Mentally sharp as a tack, Ash is just a history textbook that fortunately has not been turned into paper.

September 15, 2015: I am introduced to Ash Ketchum the white ash tree and he tells me stories of his admirably long life.

June 2012, the Dickinson chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is banned from campus for hazing allegations. Ash watches as fraternity brothers accept their fate, walking past him with their heads held low. Ash is 97 years old and as he has seen Dickinson go through hard times so he has no worries when sees 20 year olds getting worked up. Meanwhile I am back in New Hampshire unaware that someday I may end up on the same campus as Ash.

1996: Bill Clinton becomes elected President and I am born at Heywood hospital in Gardener, Massachusets. Ash, unable to vote, has faith in the Dickinson community and the rest of the United States from picking a qualified president. He hopes that Clinton will implement policies protecting American forests. Although Ash is 81 at this point in his life, and confident that he has a happy life to look forward to, he is worried for the rest of the environment and all of his white ash brothers and sisters out in the world


            March 1979: Panic breaks out at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Middleton, Pennsylvania some 20 miles east of Dickinson due to a potential meltdown and a state of emergency breaks out on campus. Nearly 75 percent of the population on campus evacuates due to fear of a nuclear explosion but a 64-year-old Ash sits in the same spot he always has. He considers the possibility of the disaster that may occur and after a few weeks of unnerving thoughts, his worries are quelled when the danger dies down.

December 1933: Prohibition is repealed in the United States and Dickinson begins to gain a reputation and the nickname “Drinkinson.” Ash has trouble sleeping on Friday and Saturday nights due to belligerent students under the influence of the newly legal substance, alcohol. However, as an 18 year old Ash is intrigued with this behavior and is sad that he does not have the ability to partake in the enjoyment.

1915(approximately): Ash Ketchum, the white ash tree is planted on Morgan Field and is just a baby tree. He is introduced to the world and the Dickinson community. Little does he know that 100 years later he will be introduced to me, Owen Winslow and his life will be documented and published for the world to see.





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