Spending some quality time with Edgar…

I was getting the sense that Edgar was getting a little frustrated with me recently. I had been so busy that past couple of days that I hadn’t stopped by to say hello, even though I walk past Edgar everyday on my way to class in Denny. I felt bad so I decided to take advantage of a beautiful October day and sit on the academic quad with Edgar.

Even though he was facing stiff competition on the quad, Edgar was still looking pretty good. His leaves have started their transition from the deep green of summer to the burnt orange of fall. The soil surrounding Edgar, soon to be completely covered with dry, crinkly leaves, was only covered by a few. I think Edgar is still trying to hold on to the last bits of summer as the last few warm days continue into early October.

While hanging out with Edgar, I started thinking about how every season has its own distinct smell. Winter smells of burning fires and gingerbread. Spring smells of fresh cut grass and new mulch. Summer smells of sea air and sunscreen and fall smells of dry leaves and apple cider. I am now starting to smell that fall smell that I love and also hate simultaneously, because it signals, to quote Ned Stark of Game of Thrones, winter is coming.

Edgar sways as a strong gust of wind blows through his branches. The smell of fall overwhelms me and sends of cool chill up my spine. I am still not used to having to bring a jacket outside. The local Carlisle squirrels also seem to be preparing for the cooler months ahead, frantically collecting and burying acorns for later.

I say goodbye to Edgar and come back to my work filled reality. I thank him for letting me enjoy a beautiful fall day even if it was just for a short 30 minutes.

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