Thinking with KD

Everyone thinks best under different conditions. For some, a loud and busy settings helps people concentrate while others need to be isolated in a place so quiet they could hear a pin drop. Here is a list of the physical conditions under which I think best:

  1. My ideal thinking space must be well-lit
  2. My ideal thinking space should be a good temperature. Not too hot, not too cold.
  3. My ideal thinking space should have a minimal amount of distractions, such as other people or even noises. I am so easily distracted that even being in the same space as someone could disrupt my thinking.
  4. My ideal thinking space should be odorless because, let’s face it, when someone is sitting in class next to you eating a bacon egg and cheese sandwich, you can’t concentrate. The smell is distracting (and sometimes repulsive).

When I sat with my tree fotreer the first time, I realized that it actually provides a space that aligns quite closely with what I would identify as an ideal thinking space. It is, for the most part, a quiet space. All I can hear is the occasional sound of the leaves blowing in the wind, or, because the only thing separating it from the street is Stern, I can hear the sound of some cars passing by. There is a nice concrete ledge next to KD that is a good place to sit and think. With my legs dangling off the side, I am able to take in the space surrounding me. There is no true odor to this space, just the crisp, fall air – fresh enough to concentrate. The ledge is shaded, but there is still enough light for me to be able to clear my mind.

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