Autumn is Upon us

Here is another set of field notes with my lovely hemlock tree. I have noticed that over time writing has gotten easier for me, which is nice and allows me to enjoy my time with my tree more. I spent another 30 minutes with my tree enjoying the environment around and recording everything that I encountered.

The leaves are changing so quickly. It seems as if just yesterday everything was green and it was 80 degrees outside. The beech in front of me has developed various colored leaves in its canopy and some of them are scattered on the ground around it as well. The sun is at a perfect location in the sky where it is hitting me and warming me, yet touching the trees leaves making a love glow around me. Most leaves are still green, but if you look close enough you can see that some of them are slowly loosing their chlorophyll and changing color.

IMG_4765_2It seems that the leaves on the ground are getting crunchier. The squirrels that once made minimal noise are now making much louder sounds due to the amount of leaves on the ground. I can hear the scurrying of the squirrels from quit the distance away. Even though it is cold, they don’t seem to mind either. The warmth of their fur must keep them from getting cold in this morning chill. Also they are running a lot so that also must be aiding in their warming abilities.

There are only 4 squirrels out that I can see and they all see to be looking fatter. Now they seem to be less chasing each other, but looking for nuts to put away. Some of them have found some and they pack them into the ground. They use the power from the hind legs to push the nuts into the ground deep enough that no other squirrel will find it, but shallow enough that they will be able to find it again. Watching squirrels prepare for winter makes me wonder how humans would act if we all had to prepare for winter and if we hibernated.

Seeing as it is early in the morning there are not that many people would. One person walks by me walking their dog. It seems to be a German Shepard and has an extremely bushy tail. The man walking the dog seems content with his day so far and not annoyed at the time or that he has to walk his dog. He is wearing a light army green jacket, gloves and jeans. The dog walks tall until something catches his nose and he sniffs the ground dragging his owner around.

As the dog gets close to the squirrels they all see the scurry away.  They squirrels drop their nuts, and run to the closest tree. The dog on the other hand does not seem to be phased by the squirrels at all. It is as if the dog did not even see that it was getting close to them, clearly the dog had more important things on his mind.

Yet another interesting morning at ol’Hemlock. There seems to never be a dull moment around the academic quad early in the mornings. There seems to always be something to watch.

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