Leopold and Albert


Ever since i was little, i was always someone who had to do things by myself- mostly due to the fact that i am stubborn but that beside the point. I also was always just the type of person that wanted to get things done so i figured if i did them by myself then they  would get done on time and i knew i could completed it the way i wanted it to be presented. When i look back on it, my whole family has been the same way as we always have strived to be strong individuals who did things for ourselves which is why group projects were always a stretch for us. When reading Leopold i felt that i could really relate to him as his attention to detail made it bounce off the page and it was like you were sitting right next to him at some points.

Whenever i needed to study or just have a place where i could think i would always go to a quiet place as my mind tended to run free there. When i am in a quiet place i am allowed think openly and honestly about everything and anything. This is why when i began reading Leopold’s work i began to connect with him as i could pictured him sitting in a secluded area just writing down his detailed thoughts and make it so that it was just him and his surrounding which is what i try to do when i write.

Now that i walk by Albert, i try to connect Leopold experiences he creates while he writes and try to do the same thing as i write about Albert. To let my mind run free i choose a down time where it was a relaxed atmosphere as most people where in class or home as they were done with classes for the day. I believe this allowed me to connected more with Albert as it was mostly me and him outside on this beautiful sunny day.

As i sat down under Albert that Monday afternoon behind Old West i felt the breeze and sunshine blowing through my hair as i felt fall was among us. Albert with his branches flopping downward supplied my body with shade although not as much as before since most of the leaves were covering the floor but enough to kept me happy. As i begin to close my eyes i hear the cars in the street pass by playing music and a few students talking as i awaken as it break my concentration. When they pass i close back my eyes and i can hear the birds chirping above me and the grasshoppers making noises within the grass. As i lay there under Albert i can here the feel the wet grass beneath and the smell of it just being cut. I also sit and lay there ad smell a horrific smell coming from the East College garbage as i always smell as i walk past it everyday. The smell comes from the flowers that grow there but it has a smell of manure and trash mixed together which is sometimes unbearable.  when i finally got i up and finished with my observation i thanked Albert for his shade and  all he did and told him i would see him tomorrow. with that being said that is all for now




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