man vs nature

As i make my way down to East College and see the sun reflecting off of Albert i know its going to be a good day. I set my stuff down and there so happens to be none other then a red Adirondack  chair sitting under Albert like he knew i was coming. When i sat down i really took the nature and the surrounding that were around me and reflected on them. The chair

I really wanted Albert and I to connect on a personal level so i began to close my eyes so i can feel what he feels on a daily basis. When doing this, i felt the breeze sweeping through my body and given me somewhat of a chill but also the warmth of the sunshine that reflected down upon me which felt so good. As i sat down in the chair i saw the leaves falling as fall is approaching very quickly. Because of this, Albert leaves have turned from a dark green to a light green color signifying fall. I also hear squirrels making noises and climbing up the trunks of the trees as you can hear scratching as the make their way up their. while sitting their i begin to hear the birds chirping in the air and the grasshoppers making noises signifying night time is among us.

While i was sitting their under Albert as his branches shaded me and i relaxed i heard the crunching of leaves as students and professors were walking by. I also heard cars rev their engine as the took of at the crosswalk and the blasting of music waiting for people to cross the crosswalk. I remember that these sounds were so loud that they broke my concentration and i awoke from the chair i was in to see what was going on.

These sounds different in my ability to concentrate. while i was sitting their i found the bird chirping reminded me of my best friend who is abroad, Sophie as she loves bird and listening to the different bird call so as i sat their i reminiscence on the good times we had listening to all the different types like the chickadees and all other types of birds you can think of. These sounds of natures made me feel relaxed at and peace. i felt so concentrated in the moment like Sophie was actually their listening to it with me. this was the complete opposite to the human made sounds as all i could is stop and see what was going on as it was loud and broke my concentration and focused on five different things instead being in that present moment.  While i was sitting here i think we as humans take the sounds of nature for granted as we don’t understand how much these sounds make an impact on people.


Well that it for now,


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