Relaxing with Edgar

Within the past few days it has really started to look and feel like fall. Edgar is enjoying his own new fall colors which are slowly transitioning. I decided to take advantage of yet another beautiful sunny day to sit with Edgar. I am assuming today was a Discover Dickinson day for potential new students because there were a ton of tours going on. It was the perfect day to tour the school. Groups of young high school students preparing themselves for the future that lays ahead along with their parents commented on the beautiful fall colors as they walked by Edgar and I. Edgar showed off his best pose.

One of my favorite things about trees in general is when the sunlight shines through the leaves literally making them glow when you stand underneath them. With the blue sky in the background and the glowing yellow leaves, Edgar was looking good as ever. I actually zoned out for maybe 20 minutes while looking at the leaves, completely ignoring my book for my senior seminar. The local squirrels, who happen to get way to close for comfort, continued with their hunt for acorns to store for the winter. I notice a large hawk looming above the academic quad search for its prey, which probably happened to be a squirrel. The hawk landed on some branches once and a while, but not Edgar’s. I don’t think Edgar would allow for the hawk to have a good enough view of the landscape. Thankfully, I did not have to witness a squirrel being killed, which I happened to see freshman year while sitting outside. The circle of life is not a pretty site.

The most overwhelming sound I heard while relaxing with Edgar was of crunching leaves, one of my favorite sounds (second to the sound of the ocean). Conversation was drowned out by the sound of the leaves under peoples feet. Even those walking alone in silence continued along with the crunching.

I am really going to miss Edgar’s leaves during the dark, depressing season known as winter.


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