Field Notes Round 2

This is my second day of taking field notes. Currently it is Tuesday, October 13th around 11:00 AM. The last time I recorded field notes it was a sunny Saturday. Now the sky is a light grey color covered in thick dense clouds. The ground is wet with the remains of rain that ended maybe half an hour ago. I decided since the ground was wet to opt to sit on the steps of Bosler instead of against my tree as I normally do. I have a completely different vantage point than I did previously. Now I can see not only the entire academic quad, but also my tree in front of me. I have always been leaning against Herman and never had the opportunity to observe him in my field notes, just his surroundings.

When I look at Herman I feel love for my tree. I never thought I could become so attached to a Northern Red Oak but I have. I have now been spending time with my tree for 7 weeks and I can’t wait to have this connection with Herman all the way through my graduation. Looking at Herman I notice his trunk. It’s a perfect light brown shade. The ridges on his trunk form an intricate pattern, almost like a maze. Moving my eyes up to his first limb I notice that there are no longer ridges along his bark. The limb is smooth without a single imperfection. Attached to his limb is an array of leaves, dripping with excess water from the recent rain, in shades of green, red, orange, and yellow. His leaves are spread like a canopy or a fan, large but with a purpose. The farther up the tree you look, the more limbs appear. All of the limbs have the same structure of leaves, all still wet and starting to turn colors for the fall season.

Glancing away from my tree I notice two squirrels. They are chasing after each other almost as if they were playing a game of tag. They scamper behind some bushes near the busy road to my right and reappear a few seconds later. The squirrels continue to do this dance as I watch until they eventually climb a nearby tree and disappear from my line of sight. I look at my watch and cannot believe it is almost 11:45 AM. The feeling of serenity around my tree causes me to lose track of time when I’m with Herman. I’ll see you next time Herman. Stay perfect!

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