Field Notes with Bur Oak (Oct. 13th)

It is Tuesday, October 13th at 9:15 AM, and I just sat down next to my tree on Morgan field. The ground is a little wet from the rain we got this week, so I brought a blanket to sit on.

It is mostly cloudy, there is a decent amount of wind, and it is a little cold.

Large groups of students are moving in all directions. I counted more than 30Oct13 Bur Oak students. The students are wearing backpacks. Most of them are headed towards the HUB and Academic Quad.

Most of the students are wearing jackets. Some are wearing raincoats, some are wearing sweaters and sweatshirts.

Some students are talking to each other, some are walking alone. My guess is that they are headed to either breakfast or class. Many students are holding coffee mugs, which I assume is coffee or tea.

By 9:30, the flow of students thinned out. Knowing the class schedule, it is probably because the students are already in class since there is a class period that starts at 9:30am.

The wind has remained constant, which has caused leaves to start falling from my Bur Oak. The leaves range from dark green to brown. The leaves have just recently started to change here in Carlisle, so I bet the leaves will be falling at higher rates in the coming weeks.

A squirrel approached the tree, and circled around the base of it a few times. I had not noticed many acorns lying around, and neither did the squirrel. The squirrel then scurried up the tree and climbed among the tree limbs.

There is no one else sitting out on Morgan Field at the moment. A young man just came out of Drayer, got his bike from the bike rack, and rode it toward the HUB.

An elderly man is walking their dog across Morgan Field. The dog is probably a mix of Golden Retriever and some other kind of dog. The dog has long, brown hair, and its owner is wearing a black jacket, jeans, and a black hat. I have never seen this person before. The dog seems old, as it is not running or playing.

The sun just came out, and it now feels much warmer. I am not sure of what the forecast is for the day, but it is prettier out now than it was earlier. The wind is still going but the sun has definitely warmed the temperature.

I have class soon, so I packed up my notebook and blanket, and left my tree for the day.

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