“Paint me like one of your French Trees”

Paint me like one of your French trees, Bill said to me last Tuesday.


I didn’t know he was so up on Pop Culture, but I was impressed by his charming nod to Titanic. So, I decided to pull out my watercolor pad and begin sketching him.

My first art supplies

My first art supplies for Bill

As I am not a seasoned artist like Aldo Leopold, I decided to hold off on actually painting until my next visit with Bill (also, the school bookstore did not have watercolor paints so I have to go somewhere else to buy them). Therefore, I used watercolor paper, with pencil so I could make as many edits as I wanted. Once the lines were finished (or at least I thought they were), I used the sharpie to outline.

I began by pulling up a classic red Adirondack tree from the academic quad, and positioning the tree so that Old West, the staple of Dickinson College, was angled behind Bill. As I am not trained as an artist, I didn’t go into the drawing process with an agenda. Instead, I did bits and pieces of the painting.


A view to get you into the artists’ (can I call myself an artist…?) head.


For example, I started with the walkway and the base of the tree. Next I started with the outline of Old West, and roughly sketched all of the trees in front. The windows proved to be the most tedious aspect of the drawing as there were so many! Once I began, there was no stopping me. It was a beautiful day and I was inspired by my subject. I am mainly excited to use the watercolors to finish my masterpiece. Even thought I am drawing Bill for a class, I do feel inspired to continue doing art. Perhaps I will create Bill in a different medium in the later blog posts I do.


A sneak peek at my progress. Cut me some slack!

A sneak peek at my progress. Cut me some slack!




Sources: Titanic. Dir. James Cameron. 1997. DVD.

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