It is 10:30 am on a warm, Sunday morning in October. I can sense the natural world all around me. For so many reasons, I feel relaxed. There is not a cloud in the sky, leaving KD and me in peace. It is a crisp morning, and I can feel the cool breeze on my face, and I see the KD’s leaves blowing gently with the wind. I really hear nothing except my own thoughts. The natural world stays silent.


As the clock strikes 10:30, the Denny bells ring across the academic quad and echo through the limestone walls. It is a familiar tune, and I like the tradition of the bells. However peaceful they are, they do disrupt the natural silence I had before. Behind Stern, I can hear cars speeding by and coming to a stop, and then starting again. I hear students passing by, talking to one another on their way to brunch. These sounds coming from the world around me interfere with my silent space with KD.

It is almost frustrating to sit here, trying to concentrate on KD in her natural space in peace, but to be disrupted by unnatural noise like the sound of vehicles. It is a reminder that while KD may seem alone in her silent and peaceful space in front of Stern, there are so many man-made interferences. Although the Denny bells are a nice touch, it is interesting to think that they are still man-made and disturb KD’s silence.

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