How old am I?

I asked Sycamo, “How old are you?” To which he gave a blank expression, hoping I would have the answer. Based on his diameter, height, and overall presence of Sycamo, I told him he was 21 years young with much to learn like myself.

In 1994, Sycamo was raised in the soil of Dickinson College near Bosler Hall. He was blessed enough to see many generations of Dickinson students graduate and walk down the steps of Old West. Along with witnessing graduations year after year, he saw the community of Dickinson change as some faculty retired, others earned tenure, and new professors were given opportunities to teach at Dickinson College. He saw first hand the development of a community over time, the changes in fashion, the introduction of advanced technology, and many other 21st century inventions. I too witnessed the change in

Sycamore was present during saddening events such as the 1995 heat wave in Chicago, Columbine in 1999 and then the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001. To have lived through during the years in which these events occurred is remarkable with myself being too young to neither remember or comprehend what was occurring. I cannot even begin to imagine how students reacted to these events.

On a lighter note, Sycamore has lived a comfortable life with Dickinson College ground facilities taking great care of him during the worst of storms and hottest of days. He is well nourished and has a promising future ahead of him. As I sit here at night, observing from a bench, I realize how silent the academic quads can be at night. Sycamo stands erected as tall as he can be, enjoying the cool breeze on a beautiful night with nothing to worry about. What a life. He’s been here for quite some time and has accumulated enough experience to apply for tree of the century.



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