Tuesdays with Albert

Its a Tuesday morning in beautiful Carlisle. The sun is shining, people are walking to class; in a particularly slow fashion as it is the beginning of the week. I set my bag down as i sit under old Albert. Of course Albert greets me as he shades me from the sun as he always does. it is about 70 which is a beautiful day and i look up to the sky and watched the birds fly by. albert

I knew it was going to be a good day as when looking up to the sky i saw a cloud which looked like it was smiling in a way. It was about 1230 now as people we coming out of class and the mood switched from doom and gloom and and upbeat feel. This made me feel great as the energy was really making me vibe with Albert.

As I open my eyes, i grab my phone and turn on some music. i was trying to find the best music to compliment my mood and i obviously choose Jack Johnson radio which match my mood very well. the first song that came on was upside down and it was like Albert liked it too as i saw his branches swaying in the wind.

As a get up and to disembark on the rest of my day i bid Albert a farewell and tell him i see him after fall pause. When i get up and grab my bag i see that leaves are getting a bit bear and makes me excited i know fall is approaching us and that means it is almost Thanksgiving time.

well that’s all for now,


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