Field Notes 1: Gloomy Night

October 15, 2015 8:08pm, I sit here on a very cold night next to a stone sculpture of what looks like two babies holding up a piece of writing that reads, Bosler Memorial Library Hall. I dim my laptop down to movie mode, in order to prevent the bright screen laptops give off.

It is a beautiful cold night. Luckily I am wearing a fleece-lined flannel to keep my body warm. There is a bit of a breeze. The lampposts give off a gloomy sensation.


Sycamo in the distance

I wonder if students can see me as they walk down the pathway that Althouse Hall, Old West, and East College sit near. Either way, there has been numerous students passing by and heading into Stern. Each with a backpack or purse, flocking to this building. Some students had a jacket to keep them warm, some with scarves, and others had just a long sleeve on. I see one of my friend’s on his longboard speeding down the pathway toward Denny Hall.

By 8:22pm, it has now become somewhat silent except for the sound of crickets chirping their night away. You can hear engines growling close by and the sound of metal brakes squeaking as cars come to a complete stop at the intersection. Some cars are louder than other when stationary.

The cold air persists. It is now 8:30pm. A flock of students exit Stern, probably an event that had just taken place ended. They are creating a disturbance to the peaceful night these trees and I were having. Laughing, yelling, and speaking loudly, these students scatter in every direction to their own destination. I am once again left alone, with one or two students walking down the pathway here and there. A gloomy night it seems to be. The streetlamps are the source of light in such a dark place, even with academic buildings around with light. Looking past Sycamo, I see the darkness I speak about. There are no lights within the field itself, aside from the ones on the pathways.

I am starting to feel the cold more and more. I am unsure as to whether or not I would be able to withstand the forces of nature if it were not for this human built environment we have. Side note, some of us get a pleasure out of venturing into wilderness to experience the natural world and to show that we can live in it.

This was a beautiful night to take thick notes.

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