8:30 on a Monday isn’t good for anyone

tree 8Where is think best:

With music (when it’s not dead quite)

On sitting on the floor

When I am alert

After a cup of coffee


After breakfast I left the caf and walked across the academic quad. After making the list of “where I think best” I decided that the only time that would make sense for me to look at my tree was in the morning. I had just had my coffee, therefore I was relatively alert, and 8:30am was a good time because the quad is not quite. Filled with zombie like students, rushing to their 8:30 class, I say rushing because, everyone is late for 8:30s. I sat down on the mulch under my tree, and immediately regretted written that “I think best when I am sitting on the floor”. By floor I meant my living room floor, my bed room floor, on floors that don’t have ants, or mud, or things that stick to my pants.


Under the tree the ground was wet, form the dew, the dirty was soft and a bit cold. The wood chips, put there, by the gardeners, were soft. The bent easily between my fingers. Ants crawled all over the base of the tree. This confused me because I thought it might be too cold for ants in the first week of august.


When I look up I see that the branches don’t start for many feet. They start at about ten feet of the ground and arch down. If I was standing I could touch the leaves. The braches reach out very far. The diameter of the tree, branch tip to truck is about 20 feet.


The trunk is smooth. The bark is like skin. It grows up the tree in one piece, no brakes or bumps. Its more of a gray color then a brown color.


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