Describing Earnest


Its early evening, about an hour before the sun sets. The sky is entirely clear blue, only separated by the occasional wisp of white cloud lazily making its way across the land. With the sun dropping lower every minute, long shadows begin to encompass every inch of the ground, the silent battle between light and dark goes unnoticed by the passing-by students. The air is a comfortable temperature with most students choosing a long-sleeved jumper with either shorts or light pants. It is a still evening, with barely a whisper from the wind.
As I make my way across High Street towards Earnest, I thank the crossing guard for his work and in response I receive a slight tip-of-the-hat in acknowledgement. Morgan field looks absolutely stunning, with the suns’ low rays reaching through the tree tops to create a kaleidoscope effect 30 ft. above ground. By now a large portion of the trees have begun to see changes in their leaf color. An array of greens, reds, oranges, and yellows bombard my peripheral vision while the constant crunching of leaves underfoot remind me of the temporal beauty of Fall.


Earnest sits patiently awaiting my return. Today he looks in fine form. His weathered face greets me with the usual kindness I have come to expect from my silent, yet stoic friend. His skin has taken on a deep chestnut color around the base, while further up his inconsistent tone enables a mixture of vibrant dark-green, with a light cream-color to combine. The leaves towards the base of the tree have been the slowest to turn, while those at the top have already accepted their fate and begun the journey towards winter-life. However there is not a whole lot of leaves at his base relative to other trees in the vicinity.
A squirrel franticly climbs up Earnest’s back in order to reach a knob in the tree where he seems to keep all of his hoarded treasure. It’s bushy tail is all i can see while he digs through his collection of goodies. A Chinese girl walks past wearing baggy light-blue jeans, a warm pink hoodie, white and red nike shoes, and large black headphones blocking her from reality. She does not pay Earnest the slightest bit of attention on her way towards the Malcolm building.
As I sit here watching the last rays of light leave me, I see a bird come to rest on one of Earnest’s branches. And I realize that while we may not pay him much attention, those that matter still do.



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