Field Notes 1


At 10:00 pm, I sat by my tree to take in the world around us. I notice there aren’t many squirrels are out, and maybe it is because it is only getting colder so they are starting to stock up for the winter. The first thing I hear is the sound of the breeze through the leaves on the trees. It is peaceful and quiet. The sound of the breeze reminds me of something you would put in a soundbox in order to try to fall asleep.

To my surprise, there are colorful leaves sitting underneath KD’s shade, all over the ground. They aren’t her leaves, so they must have been blown by the wind off of a nearby tree.

Usually there are a lot of cars passing by, but because it is not early enough for the morning commute and not late enough for the afternoon one, it leaves me with more opportunity to listen to the natural world surrounding KD.

The first 2 minutes of peace is broken up by the sound of a child crying, across the academic quad with his family.

There are only a few clouds in the sky, and it is just warm enough to wear a long-sleeve shirt and pants, chilly enough to wear a jacket. It’s one of those picture-perfect fall days.

At about 10:15, the human foot traffic begins. Students hustle by Stern, on their way to and from class. It is the day before fall pause, so everyone is super chatty and smiling ear to ear. This is a major disruption in what was just my peaceful start to my morning.

5 minutes later, the area is swarmed with people. 10:20 comes around, and the pathways surrounding Stern and KD are filled with traffic in all directions. It is good to see people happy, but nobody even notices KD.

All throughout this time, my favorite sound has been that of the birds chirping in the trees. While there are none on KD’s branches, I know they are in close proximity.

I won’t see KD again until Tuesday or Wednesday, and I am curious to know if the leaves will change color at all, or if they fall off the branches.

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