Field notes with my Tree

First off, I have taken field notes only a couple times in a prior environmental science class, but have not gone into such thick description before. I really enjoyed the experience of being as attentive as possible; it made it easer to take notes down first than to write my blog right after.


It is about 6:30, I have only about 30 minutes left of sunlight left on a Tuesday night, and it is one of first chilly nights on campus. I am bundled up and sitting beside my tree on Morgan field with a coffee and my pen and paper. All of the trees leaves are slowly changing colors as they always due during fall. To my back is Allison hall and the law school along with a large parking lot, which is very noisy at this time for some reason. I hear a car alarm go off for at least 5 minutes, which is beginning to give me a headache. To my right is Adams and Drayer hall; they are both very busy at this time. Students are walking in and out of their dorms going to and from dinner at the cafeteria. I even heard a girl say to her friend “the caf sucks tonight”. After hearing that I did not attend the cafeteria. Morgan hall does not seem nearly as busy as Drayer and Adams; I can count on two hands the amount of people coming in and out. In front of me is Morgan Field; it is beautiful at this time at night with only a little bit of sun left shining on the leaves.

My tree is looking dull at this time of year; the colors have not changed on the leaves at all except to the color brown due to the dead branches. My tree has lost so many leaves at this point I can see all the way through it while looking straight up from the trunk. This was not the case weeks ago when my tree was full of life and branches. For the first time, I cam not see any squirrels or birds in or around my tree, I can only assume that this is the case because it is nearing nighttime.

I am hearing many students and their conversations as they walk to Adams hall. I am not eaves dropping by any means, but I can hear them clear as day. Many students are talking about how much work they have this week and how they wont be able to get it done. Others are talking about how excited they are for fall pause and even a group of girls are discussing what they want to wear out tonight. I kept hearing students long boarding down Morgan field, I could hear the wheels on the pavement and can even determine how fast they are going depending on the sound. It is a great night for sitting outside by my tree and just observing.

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