Morning Notes

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I never started liking mornings until recently.  In high school they were always something to dread; I guess because there was really nothing too them.  I’d get ready in the dark, eat a rushed breakfast, drive to school every morning as soon as I got my licence (all my friends rode the bus and I didn’t want to walk in the cold alone), and immediately got started with classes I was mainly taking because they were graduation requirements–my high school didn’t have any classes related to my major and minor (sociology and environmental studies), so I didn’t discover my passion for them until well into college.

Even in college when I started taking classes I enjoyed more and didn’t have to wake up at 5:45 to get everything I wanted accomplished, I didn’t start appreciating mornings until I starting working 8:30 shifts at The Peddler, my schools’s coffee cart.  When I first found out that even though I signed up for later classes I’d have to be up before most people at my school, I felt a sense of dread, however after only a week that hour long shift making coffee became the thing I looked forward to the most during my day.  Even if going to sleep and waking up doesn’t magically solve every stressor in my life, I certainly feel revitalized at the start of a new day–maybe it’s just a construct or maybe there actually is something hopeful about a new blue sky, but starting my days doing things I love; making coffee and talking to friends, helps prolong this feeling.

This morning after opening The Peddler and making myself a cup of coffee, I walked over to Kylander.  The morning air was cool and nippy; not freezing to the point that I’d need to drag my coats out of the closet and waste precious time but I also would be miserable without my jacket and cup of coffee.  It’s not a lasting cool though; even over the half hour that I sit I can feel it warming up.  By the middle of the day it could be too uncomfortable to keep on wearing the outfit I picked out when the cold awakened me in my central heating-free house.  Fall can be confusing like this for awhile and I’d prefer it make up its mind.  The more consistent breezes that keep me from taking off my jacket for good though give me hope that there won’t be as many more warm weeks this semester.

On the ground surrounding me, brown leaves are scattered; more like islands in a sea of green grass than the blanket that they will eventually create this fall.  Looking up into the leaves of the taller trees however, I notice none of the traditional fall colors.  The remaining leaves are actually a similar picture as the ground:  large amounts of green with a few branches covered in dead brown leaves.  Missing are the reds, oranges, and yellows of fall; possibly delayed by the warm September or possibly killed by the rain storms a few weeks ago.  A few squirrels run past; carrying acorns from other parts of campus.  Overall, a great morning.

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