Spider Friend

tree 6tree 7Now that I’ve looked at my tree in the morning and in the afternoon, I figureed I could spend some time with sandy at night. So in the dark I left my warm room and crossed the street to sit with Sandy. I again pulled over a red chair because sitting in the wet dirty did nothing for me. This time it was quitter on campus. Less cars, less noise, and no people.

Under the tree my red chair sat very close to the truck. A spider had made a bridge between the chair and the tree. I watched it crawl back and forth. I used the flash light on my phone to watch him maneuver. I looked up, and then felt extremely self-conscious, as group of students walked by and saw me sitting alone under a tree at 9:30 on a Wednesday night using my phone to look at a spider. But they soon passed and all was quite again.

The tree’s cover made it really dark. I mean siting under this tree made it hard to see anything. The dark leaves where thick overhead and hung low around me. I felt like I was in a cave. The bright lights on the path ways were dulled, and so were the lights form all the buildings. This tree is some serous shelter for small

I heard car again. Every time I’ve come to my tree to observe and reflect I’ve heard cars. When I try and quite my mind and really think about the task at hand, sandy, all I can hear is cars whizzing by, on high street of in this distance. It makes me kind of sad. The noise population is truly an indicator of the CO2 omissions that are also consistently whizzing in to the air.

I sit her and wonder what all that must be doing to my tree?

I know trees take in CO2 but all of the pollution can’t be good for her growth and life? And now that I think about it, it’s probably not good for me either.

-Maggie Dougherty

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