fall days

Its a brisk 45 degree day as i sit down along side Albert. Me being from California, I was bundled up in leggings, boots, longs sleeves  and sweatshirt as i was terribly cold. You would think after 3 years i would be used to the cold weather but i am not.  I brought a blanket to sit on as i thought the ground would be cold which is was. As i set the blanket down, i notice a squirrel that was trying to hid his acorn over by Albert. As i sprawled out my blanket on the ground  he lookmytreeed at me and quickly hurried away. The squirrels on Dickinson campus are so strange and odd as normally when you walk over to them they hurry off but here they just stare at you and make you feel super uncomfortable.  Fortunately not this one, which i like so i didn’t mind him planting his acorn near Albert. As i begin to unpack my lunch from my bag, i really took in the peaceful atmosphere as no one was really outside- probably because it was so cold but thats beside the point.

As i lay on the blanket, lunch in hand i look up into the sky. I gazed upon the clouds and saw what appeared to look like a volleyball. As i saw that i smiled as i began to get excited as i am going to Boston next week to see my sister play for her senior game in College. I began to overcome with emotions as i would finally get to see my mom after not being able to see her for a couple months! while sitting their though i ponder the thought if Albert misses his family in Kentucky?

Albert sat their swaying his branches as the wind picked up at this point which i took for an indication of him trying to tell me he does miss his family. I lay there comforting Albert and knew that we could depend on each other to be the other ones family while we were here in Carlisle. As i was done with my lunch i crinkled up the bag and threw it in my backpack as their was no trash can near me. After i just sat their for a few moremeandalbert minutes taking everything and really let everything go and my mind came to ease. As i packed up, thanked Albert and started walking away i notice the squirrel again and saw that he came back to Albert. i began thinking, maybe they are friends and the Albert does to him what he does for me which is to be there to listen and allows you to escape the realities of who you actually and what you want to be. In any case, Albert the tall being he is will always be there which is always comforting to hear!



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