Fall is Here

After a few strangely warm days in mid October, cool fall weather has arrived in Carlisle. Edgar was telling me how cold it has gotten at night recently and how much he misses the heat of the summer sun. Edgar’s other tree-friends on the academic quad are continuing their transition to winter bareness. Certain trees ate almost completely bare, Edgar still has a decent amount of yellow colored leaves. He tells me that every time the wind blows, he tries his hardest to hold on to the leaves he has left so they don’t fly off and lay sadly on the cold ground.

If you are in the sun, it is still warm enough to sit outside on the adirondack chairs. Edgar says that in the winter he misses when students do their homework outside. He gets more lonely during the long winter months.

The days have also continued to get shorter. As it gets darker earlier, it seems like the nights are never-ending. Pretty soon, as I walk back home from class at 4:30, the sun will be setting. Edgar has trouble with these long nights which are filled with a deep silence except for the occasional car. He tells me that he has no idea how the trees in the forest deal with the darkness, silence and loneliness. He likes human interaction, animal interaction is not enough.

Edgar is clearly a very sensitive tree.

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