Fall Pause Leaves Bill Lonely


Lea meets Bill

As I jetted off to Madison, Wisconsin and Chicago for the Fall break, I forgot to invite Bill. Well, I didn’t really forget, but I did think it might be hard for him to travel on a plane with me. He says that he was only on a plane one time, but it was when he was a sapling and doesn’t quite remember the experience. Maybe he will feel ready to go with me next time. When I returned to campus, I felt badly about leaving him for so long so I decided to introduce him to one of my best friends, Lea. I asked her to give me some “thick descriptions”, since I had previously done my own which descriptions. To be honest, I think she belittled my assignment but she gave me a few quick thoughts. “The tree is obviously young because it’s significantly smaller than the others,” she began. “Bill, that’s what you call him right? Bill’s leaves are a cool shape, with 9 points on most of them, but none have changed colors from the season. Will they change? Is that a characteristic of oaks or are they like evergreen trees?” To be honest, I didn’t really know, so I made a note that I should follow the changes that the leaves go through as the weather changes.

I asked Lea what she thought about Bill and to give me some more descriptions of his surroundings. She said that his soil was dry and solid, but that was probably from the recent rain and then overnight chill. She said she actually recalled meeting Bill her freshman year, and he was always super kind and personable. Though he actually looks younger than before. “I wish the red adirondack chairs were still out, I feel like Bill would like the company,” Lea said, “However, he does have a very nice view of the academic quad and probably sees every student at some point during the day due to his positioning between walkways.”

We couldn’t stay long as we were headed to the Farmers Market but it was nice to catch up with Bill after the break, and introduce him to one of my dearest friends. Also, a friend’s opinion never hurts 😉

9 point leaves

9 point leaves

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