Fieldnotes Under My Bur Oak

It is 2:45pm on Sunday, November 1st. I am sitting on the ground in the shade of my Bur Oak. It is unseasonably warm today, which I was not expecting. My phone says that it is 70 degrees outside. There is little to no wind, so it feels even warmer.

There are a lot of leaves on the ground around me. I would say about 50% of my Bur Oak’s leaves have fallen. The leaves are a mix of brown and yellow. It very much looks like fall on Morgan Field today because of the fallen leaves.

There is a group of three students sitting on the lawn about 50 yards from where I am sitting. They have a blanket spread beneath them. Two of them are reading books, and the third is on a laptop. They are all dressed in jeans and t-shirts.

There are students coming and going from the residential buildings to the HUB and academic quads. It is a Sunday afternoon, so there are no crowds of students as there are on weekdays. There have been almost a dozen bikers that crossed Morgan Field and the surrounding sidewalks in the past 30 minutes. I also saw 2 girls going for a run.

I counted about 10 squirrels in the 30 minutes I spent sitting under my Bur Oak. I did not see any acorns under the tree today– only the tops left behind. The squirrels aMr. Bur and Drayerre still active since it is still warm, but soon they will begin hibernating.

I can hear birds singing, but I can tell there are fewer than there were just a month ago. I cannot tell what kind of birds they are.

Daylight savings time started last night, and even though it is only mid afternoon, the sun is beginning its descent.



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