The Physical Tree

IMG_9286This particular Shumard Oak tree has a height of 62 feet and a diameter of 36 inches equating to 3 feet.  My tree is currently not doing so well, due to a several events that have taken place within the root zone of the tree. Specifically, the bike rack impedes in the everyday shelter of the tree roots because people are constantly riding over the ground that is supposed to protect the roots. Mark Scott, the Dickinson College arborist, estimated this tree to be approximately 60-70 years old.  It was most likely planted after Drayer hall was built because it makes more sense to build a tree around a building versus the other way around. 

My tree is grand, very tall with beautiful palm sized green leaves. It would probably take 3 people wrapped around the tree to fill the whole circumference of the trunk. My tree has regular bark, the type of bark where when you think of a tree when you are 7 years old when you are trying to draw something for art class and you just color it brown. Its strong and hard to break off and the tree has a few nondescript carvings in it.

This relates to The Sand County Almanac because the novel focuses on conservation of land and planting trees is a small simple step that we can make to try to better the environment. All pieces of nature work together to have cohesive relationships to create homes for other species and for creating the air we breathe.

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