food and squirrels

Its a calm fall afternoon as i go to visit Albert. Tea in hand, i begin to approach Albert with a smile upon my face. I notice while approaching him that the leaves that were once a dark green have begun to fall as what was once a branches filled with leaves is now bare.   As i sit down i see what was once green grass is now covered in leaves of all different color. This made me especially happy to see as i believe fall is one of the prettiest times of the year. As i sit under Albert i notice these two squirrels from a distance fighting over something, as i put my glasses on to see what  it was, as i am blind without them i see that they seem to be fighting over some food that someonfalle dropped. I found this fight over food fascinating in which i couldn’t look away. These two squirrels must have been fighting for about ten minutes until they found me staring at them in which they both ran away leaving the food they were fighting for behind.  After watching the two squirrels fighting i sat their under Albert letting the sun reflect on my face as i tried to soak up the last of the nice days. While sitting under Albert i began to look up to the sky  as i love to observed the clouds and the different shapes they make. As i looked up, i saw this cloud that looked like a basketball in which it reminded me of Albert as he used to play. As i begin to sit up from looking at the clouds, i looked at my phone and saw that it was 1120 in which i saw people leaving the back door of East college. The students that exited the doors had smiles on their faces as the walked on by Albert and I. After the crowd of people left i began to pack up my stuffed thanked Albert and left. As i was walking i looked behind looking at Albert and how he stood their and knew he would always be there waiting for me.

That all for now,




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