Fall Pause Field Notes

Field notes 1

Sunday of fall pause, around 9 am, on the academic quad is a ghost town. I know in my last posts I’ve talked about quiets times on campus, but Sunday of fall pause is like a movie set where all of the actors have gone home. The other trees on the quad, have begun to change colors, but not sandy, she’s still holding on to summer. This was surprising, yesterday the low was 28 at night time and today the low will be 35 degrees. It’s getting very chill, and quickly. I assume within the next few days her leaves will start to change. The root circles that was once soft brown dirt, is hard to see now, it is covered in other trees leaves. It is also no longer soft, it’s frosted over and very hard. This time as I looked at my tree I noticed two large cuts in the base of her trunk. On was about four inches from the dirt line on the bottom of the tree. The depression was about four inches wide and 8 inches long. About two by four inchs in the center were particularly deep, whereas the rest of the depression was more so a removal of the top layer of bark. It did not look new, the edges of even the central deeper depression were smoother over by weathering. It was not splintered or peeling. It looked old. The second depression I saw was about a foot up the tree. It was long and narrow, scaling the tree vertically. It was about 4 inches at its widest point, and about a foot and half long, vertically. It was not very deep. It looked like it was just missing its top (or top few) layers of bark. It also did not look new. The bark that grew inside the depression was just a rough as the bark on the rest of the tree. We can call these Sandy’s battle scars from her days on the beach.

-Maggie Dougherty


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