Field Notes- Part 3

Today when I went to visit my tree, it really looked like fall on Morgan Field. It is November 11th.

It is 12:30, and there are lots of students out. I count more than 20 in my first five minutes. Most of them are wearing backpacks or carrying purses. I assume they are going to class or the library.

My Bur Oak has lost most of its leaves now, and they are covering the ground I am sitting upon. It is chilly today. My phone says it is 52 degrees. I am wearing jeans, boots, and and a sweatshirt. I have not seen anyone that was not wearing long sleeves or a jacket.

I have seen about 10 squirrels. I can definitely tell that they are getting ready to hibernate. They all look much fatter than they did when we came to campus in September.

Someone just walked their dog past me- maybe they were a professor. The dog was some sort of German Shepherd mix.

The sun is coming in and out of the clouds, making it feel rather cold at times. Today is one of the first days that has really felt like fall. We had all those hot days in a row last week, so this colder weather feels nice.Mr. Bur and Drayer

The leaves on the ground feel damp. I wonder if it rained last night, or if it just them decomposing.

The flow of students has slowed down since most of them are in class now. A class session starts at 12:30.

I wonder how much longer my tree will have leaves.

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