Use-Value of Edgar

As a tree on a college campus, I would say that Edgar has a very different “use-value” compared to trees located in a forests in on the site of a new construction project. To me personally, Edgar’s use-value is more as a relaxing place to sit under and get some shade. He helps in making the campus look more natural and beautiful. To the local environment Edgar is a part of, his use-value helps the local wildlife such as squirrels and birds. He helps make the soil better. To the college campus, Edgar is helpful in making the academic quad look more natural, as I stated before. He allows for the campus to be more visually pleasing, rather than looking at a bare field with academic buildings. To the global ecosystem and the world, Edgar is just one tree out of billions. He is only known to a select amount of people. However, just by being a tree Edgar is helping the world by helping make the planet healthy, giving humans oxygen and by making the planet more beautiful overall. Edgar gives a lot even though it may not be known or visible. He a living thing, which means that he contributes to the planet on many different levels, whether it be individually, locally or worldly.

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