Save Edgar!

Over the past semester I have become really close with Edgar. I have spent a decent amount of time with him relaxing on the academic quad and thinking about the relationship between humans and the environment that Edgar is a crucial part of. I was completely horrified to hear that Dickinson College was planning to cut down many tree’s on campus, including Edgar. Edgar actually thinks that it is because he is not as attractive as the other trees but I assured him that was not true. I told him that it is because of paradigms such as HEP that represent the reasons why they are trying to cut you down. Humans think they are separate from the ecological ecosystem, making us superior to other living organisms. In reality, we are connected to just about everything, making us, to the surprise of many, equal to the environment. We use natural resources to our leisure and trees are a major resource. As Edgar’s friend, it is my job to save him from being cut down for no reason but pure human greed and ignorance.

Edgar is alive and living. He may not have a brain scientifically, but after spending so much time with him I know that he has one of the smartest, most useful brains out of all of the trees on campus. He knows how to create oxygen to help us breathe! He knows how to make the campus beautiful by changing with the seasons.

In my opinion, cutting down a tree that is dead makes sense. It is no longer serving its purpose. However, cutting down a perfectly good tree makes no sense. You are killing something that is living. We humans are manipulating the environment for our benefit. What even is the benefit of cutting down a tree that helps the world in so many ways? Edgar produces acorns for squirrels and other local wildlife to eat. He gives shelter to the many bird species that fly above our campus. He gives shade to those of us who want to relax outside. It is our responsibility as humans to protect the things that help us survive. A protest seems to be the only way to get the Dickinson community to listen. I plan to sit in front of Edgar until the school decided not to cut him down. Hopefully others with join me.

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