That HEP & NEP

Within Catton and Dunnlap article, Paradigms, Theories and the Primacy of HEP-NEP Distinctions,  talks about the difference between HEP and NEP. Throughout the article he conveys that the Human  Exemptionalism Paradigm theory tells us that humans are of a this superhuman nature compared to the environment, in which we control what the environment does for us. NEP, the New Ecological Paradigm recognizes the capacity of humans but says we are still not interdependent of  other species. This in turn shows us that although people might not believe it we are dependent of nature and the resources they provide us.

When i was with Albert the other day, i really put these finding of HEP & NEP into play as i thought about what  they really meaALn and how we see them in our everyday lives. While looking at the students on this campus, i believe that we follow this NEP paradigm in which we take and take from the environment and the resources they provide for us and not even think of the consequences of what we are doing to them. We talk all the time about how humans are superior to nature in which we control the environment which can be true to a certain extent but nature provides us with resources that we don’t even think about because it has become so natural to us. look at the buildings that we have classes in, or the rooms you sleep in, those are all made from the environment. also look at the paper we use to write notes in class; those were from a tree in which it had to be cut down in order to be made into paper. People today tend to misuse their “power” that they have an exploit the environment. the problem with this is they don’t realize how much we depend on it. This in turn makes me wonder; without these resources would humans would be able to survive, are we really superior to nature? or is it the other way around?


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