Albert and his “use value”

Albert to me, represent a comforting place, somewhere i can hide and separate myself from everyone on this campus. Albert is located right behind old west which is the perfect spot to hide away as students don’t normally walk back there. To me, Albert serve as a quiet place in which i know he will always be there rain or shine, day or night which is in turn how i look at his use value on a personal level. When you look at the use values of Albert with a college perspective you see Albert as just a tree that is put on this catreesmpus to sell to the prospective students. Albert is just seen as another tree in another school setting in which was put in a certain spot to create a certain image that is seen acceptable in society.For student that are actually dickinsonians then the trees on this campus are viewed¬†as a spot to do do homework under or even a nice view to look out of inside of a class room. To look at the use value within the local environment Albert serves as a place for shade, somewhere squirrels can buried their food and just a place of nutrients for the soil under it. Although Albert is just one of the many trees in the world he serves a a big part of a small community as he provides the campus with his beautiful nature. Even though Albert cant give to everyone he contributes to the planet on different levels ¬†whether we see it locally in small level or worldly on bigger levels within society.


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