Gloomy Day

IMG_9293I felt melancholy today sitting with Rosie, unlike last time there were no students on the quad, it was really just the two of us watching a few stragglers walk by to get meals or wherever they are going with their busy lives. It has been really wonderful taking half an hour out of everyday to still be doing homework but to really start to get attached to my tree.

Not many squirrels today either, they seemed to be hanging out inside the tree as it is starting to get colder. Rosie’s bark is getting dry and easy to pull off, making her seem more frail, as her leaves fall off as well. The gloominess has me really reflecting on my own life, so relating back to another blog entry- it gives me emotions of sadness and gloom. The trees just blend in with the sky now, they are becoming bare and gray. This is the season when everything becomes gray and the beauty of fall has depleted. Sitting with Rosie on this gloomy day has me thinking about all of the trees we waste and the deforestation occurring in so many places around the world.

Trees are awesome, and even though they start to look creepy when the weather changes to winter, they help us so much and we just take and take from them.

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