My Tree In History

IMG_9285Around 70 years ago today, my tree was planted when World War Two was ending, and the United States dropped the nuclear atomic bomb on Japan at Hiroshima. Although my tree is placed on Dickinson College’s campus, this largely affected the citizens of every state. My tree developed into an advocate for peace, she refuted the use of┬ánon nuclear weapons and so she was clearly upset by this decision made by Truman.

Then Rosie lived through the Korean War, when she was only 5 years old, again not impacted immediately to the Carlisle area, but it helped her solidify her thoughts of advocacy against war.

Next the major events revolved around the Civil Rights movement, beginning with the Montgomery bus boycotts, and Brown vs Board of Education, this was a time in history that was incredibly powerful and important to live through. Following closely, the Berlin wall was put up, and the extreme mockery of a decision that was the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was a bad time to live in America during that. But Rosie, was always powerful and excited. Kennedy, Malcolm X, and MLK Jr all were assassinated during Rosie’s life.

Woodstock occurred and this made Rosie very happy as she was into good music and calm attitudes. But soon came Hurricane Katrina, which killed a lot of Rosie’s family, making it difficult to be happy as a lot of them were washed away and drowned with the flooding. But when Rosie and I met, I had played rock paper scissors to win her because others knew that she was the best tree on campus!

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